5 Best Ways to Improve Dog Kibble Feeding in 2021

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Canine nutrition is a hot topic. Are dogs carnivores or omnivores? That matters because if they’re carnivores, then they don’t benefit from carbohydrates. If they’re omnivores, they do. It’s interesting when you look at other pets like a cat (cats won’t eat carbs-based food like cookies, whereas dogs will literally eat everything).


The Future of Canine Nutrition

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My wife and I attended the Raw and Natural Dog Summit in Chicago last year. Totally recommend going if you can. Aside from meeting really great dog lovers and people committed to making dogs’ lives better, we also got a brief yet intense education from doctors and scientists on where we’re headed in canine nutrition

The sweet life

It’s no secret that most dogs live a #blessed life. They get their own personal housekeeper, chef, and masseuse – and they don’t even have to pay taxes! However, a dog’s life is not all belly rubs and napping. Canines must adhere to a stricter diet than humans (generally speaking) which means they miss out on great treats such as …

Have you herb? Oregano is the way to go!

All punning aside, oregano is an effective plant with numerous applications and benefits. Widely regarded as a kitchen essential, this little perennial is great for more than just boosting flavour profiles. Oil of oregano contains the same antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics as the oregano leaves found in Farmly patties. Check out the following ways oregano can help improve your pup’s …

Can Dog Eat Apple? Benefits of Apple In Dogs Diet

We already know that apples are a great source of fiber and vitamins A & C for us humans, but Can Dog Eat Apple? or did you ever wonder if they could have similar advantages for your dog? The answer is YES! Apples are actually an amazing addition to your dogs diet – take a closer look at their many …