About Us

Colquhoun Family

Rob and Liz have run a successful well-reviewed dog walking business in the East end of Toronto since 2011 – Woofs Upon A Walk. In that time, they’ve had many dogs stay overnight in their home with their twin boys, often having multiple dogs stay for multiple nights.

Feeding that many dogs is a challenge, and you always have to be creative. Rarely do dogs who are kibble-fed want to eat their own food while staying overnight in a home that offers other types of food. Kibble-fed dogs are always fed first because it’s the least desired food. Often times, however, they flat-out refuse to eat so using bone broth or mixed-in treats is necessary.

Raw fed dogs are easier to get them to eat, but feeding and storing raw proved to be quite messy. Even for professionals. Having just one dog stay for weeks can be a challenge because often times the packaging isn’t designed well for convenient feeding workflows.

In the Summer of 2016, a family friend who owns Windy Gables Limousin (an award winning beef cattle farm in Warkworth Ontario) introduced Rob to a dog food company that was looking to sell, and of course Windy Gables was the grass-fed beef supplier.

Rob and Liz fell in love immediately because it was like nothing they’ve ever seen. It was all natural with quality local ingredients. Gently cooked patties that can be handled easily and cleanly. Negotiations moved swiftly and the company was purchased. Rob and Liz decided to rebrand it, and by Jan 2017, Farmly Inc was born.

Today, those kibble-fed dogs are still the most difficult to get to eat, but it’s so much easier when you can take a piece of a Farmly patty and crumble it into the kibble. No dog can resist.